Monday-Thursday and Saturdays


  • $250 monthly for weekly hour-long sessions
  • $125 monthly for weekly half-hour sessions
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“What makes a great teacher? Someone who can assess the strengths and weaknesses of a student alongside celebrating each individual’s personality and potential. Ms. Rike transformed my daughter’s violin playing from a struggle and a battle to a weekly journey of joy, hard work, inspiration and high standards. This happened because Ms. Rike has embraced the whole of my daughter and has the wisdom to see her strengths and weaknesses, while pushing and propelling her forward. She manages to achieve the ultimate balance of caring for the individual without losing sight of the need to have very high standards to become an excellent violinist and musician. I am truly grateful that Ms. Rike is front-and-center in my daughter’s journey as a violinist.”

Dr. P. (parent of current student, 2018)